The Institute is set up with the vocation of being a think-tank at the service of society

AQ Institute is set up with a vocation of being a think tank at the service of society. Its mission is to compile and disseminate surveys, studies and reports on human behaviour in organisations that enable the development of both


Immediacy. Most of the studies that exist on human behaviour in organisations do not respond to the immediacy of the events that affect the reality of companies and individuals.

Anticipation. Anticipation allows one to eliminate costly uncertainty for both.

AdQualis has a talent bank of over 100,000 CVs and more than 600 companies ready to participate in surveys and studies.

Forecast. AdQualis has developed a technology that enables one to get on-line information on trends in behaviour and motivations that allows one to diagnose, predict and provide certainties about the future that affect organisations and individuals.

We encourage innovation based on our awareness of reality and its projection into the future


Vertical and transversal studies on human behaviour in organisations.

Digital publications on the results of its studies and reports.

Participation in conferences that discuss topics of interest.

Training stakeholders in the underlying reason of AQ Institute.

Collaboration with Universities and Business Schools with emphasis on the study of human behaviour in organisations.