HR Apps

We design and implement applications for an integrated management of human resources

Design, implementation and maintenance of software applications for integrated management of human resources in organisations of any sector and size by using the latest technologies


This is a modular platform developed with the most advanced technology available in cloud models, saas, on-premises with modules for financial management of payments, talent management, time management, resources management and universal access from any device.

It has additional implementation services, consulting, maintenance, training and specific developments of this solution.

HR Apps our services:
Consultancy, Development, Support and

Modules of Integrho


CORE represents the corner stone of our solution. Installing the software is easy. It can then be used immediately, intuitively and autonomously (without any technical assistance).


This powerful tool is able to cross and define items with any defined concept on the itg / PAYROLL. It detects monthly deviations whether they are accumulated or annual projections.


This is a powerful access and multiplatform system. It facilitates controlled access to the company’s HR information and helps to make the management of processes by authorised profiles easier.


It provides complete exploitation of Integrho data from its own scorecard. This module facilitates the transfer of the selected information to the BI tool of the organisation.


Payroll provides a flexible structure to structure and execute any multilevel salary concept. It enables full automation and monitoring regardless of the number of employees (100 to more than 10,000).


It manages all inventory information related to employees, training, recruitment, competency management and performance evaluation in a simpler and nimbler way.


It manages time planning of resources and personnel from the organisation. It enables a wide range of schedule definitions and scheduling, as well as collecting data for analysis and control reports.


It enables our engine to adapt to external applications, using the same language and reading. The services run from another application are enabled so as to be the same as offered by the Integrho Software.

HR Apps our services:
Consultancy, Development, Support and


Latest technology.

Advanced solutions, proven and flexible.

Tangible and immediate results.

High degree of integration with other systems.

Swift deployment and immediate use of the solution.

Management of any sector without a limit on size.

Team with a high degree of experience and knowledge of the solution.


Our solutions are implemented in many sectors and always personalized using our experience gained in complex business structures. Our solutions can equally help in scenarios where 100 people are managed as well as in those of 10,000 employees.