Talent Search

We make investments in human capital profitable so as to sustainably grow the business

Provide organisations with individual and/or collective talent both for technical and/or commercial middle management positions, through the analysis of the value contribution of internal and/or external candidates



Talent Search

Recruitment and identification of the most suitable professionals for each position appraising both their curricular and competence adaptation to the needs of the positions and organisational demands.

AdQualis Talent Search works with the most efficient 2.0 tools, specialised portals, our database as well as job boards of prestigious universities and business schools.

AdQualis Talent Search provides a consolidated experience with high degrees of success based on a proprietary methodology in large selection processes. These results are applicable to both sales network profiles on a nation-wide level and to graduated programmes for their incorporation and development in multinational company environments in all business sectors.


Temporary Implants

This is the temporary support a Talent Search expert consultant makes at the client company aimed at providing support for the HR department at times of work peaks in recruitment, selection and assessment. This person works during this period as another staff member of the organisation.

All this favours a more direct client-consultant communication and increases productivity and results in the short-term.


 Individual and collective Assessments

Individual. Assessment service on the suitability of a position of:

– An external candidate provided by the Company to cover a vacant position.
– A professional from the organisationthat opts fora promotionor a functional transfer.

In both cases, Talent Search appraises their abilities, competences and potential through a proven methodology that provides the client company with a complete view of the psycho-professional profile of the candidate and his/her fit to the target profile.

Collectives. Assessment processes aimed at appraising the current and future potential of specific people through a wide range of predictive tools based on situations and individual and group activities.

We are experts in speed up methodology for affiliation processes with proven success


Consolidated consultant team with more than 10 years’ experience.

Speed up methodology of streamlining processes with proven success.

Demonstrable metrics of high degree of accuracy in diagnoses.

High degree of client loyaltys.