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Whatever your profile, sector and experience, our team will help you find the company and role that best suits your personal and professional goals.

Our professionals have expertise working with multiple profiles:

  • Senior management (top executives and functional managers)
  • Specialists and middle management
  • Junior and entry level
  • Digital and highly specific profiles
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Are you a top executive, manager or director?
At AdQualis, we have a department specialized in putting you in contact with companies looking for people with senior management profiles.


Do you have unique or junior profile? Are you looking for a position in the digital field? Our Talent department puts you in contact with reliable companies looking for people with profiles like yours.

What sets us apart
as a headhunting and recruitment


We treat our candidates with professionalism, transparency, excellence and empathy.

We listen, understand and advise

We care about your concerns needs and aspirations. We help you design your career, and we advise you with competence, honesty and empathy regardless of your age, experience or seniority.

We conduct in-depth interviews

We prepare competency-based, in-depth interviews to make sure we understand what you want and in which company and position you best fit.

We have many national and international contacts

We’ve worked in the area of People for over three decades, offering multiple services to candidates and companies across sectors and countries. That experience gives us an extensive network of contacts and first-hand knowledge of job offers before they’re published anywhere else.

We only work with companies we trust

We propose companies with confidence guaranteed. We will only introduce you to companies that we are certain will offer you a suitable project, and never to companies we don’t trust.

We follow your path into the future

We’re committed to following your career path once you’ve landed the position you were looking for. We have clients who we met when they first started working as juniors and are now in executive and managerial positions.

Candidate experience

Reach all your
professional goals.

Contact our expert team and we’ll help you find the right company and get the position you’re looking for.

Professional goals
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