At AdQualis, our purpose is helping people and companies grow in order to create a better society. That’s why we accompany organizations in any sector and of any size in designing and implementing their people strategy. Por ello, acompañamos a organizaciones de cualquier sector y dimensión a la hora de diseñar e implementar su estrategia en el área de personas.

And, to ensure that our clients achieve every one of their objectives, we take into account the needs and opportunities of the present and the future.

for our professionalism
We’re known by our clients — leading businesses in their sector — for our adaptability, professional ethics, honesty, and collaborative spirit. We’re also committed to innovation, disruption, technology, new business models and sustainability. But most importantly we are committed to the talent of people — because people are the true engines of change.
Expert consultants in people management

Expert consultants in people management

We have a team of expert consultants, both from the field of HR Consulting and with experience in HR Management and Talent Management for diverse companies. We know the roles, challenges and difficulties of today’s businesses, but also have the methodology, tools and strategic thinking to design solutions together with our clients. That’s how we successfully carry out the business transformation necessary for a company to achieve its objectives through the area of People.

Expert consultants in people management
Tools and knowledge

Tools and knowledge for lasting results

We are integral partners for professionals who manage people: Human Resources, Managers and Executives. We understand their challenges and their work lives. Our philosophy is based on working as a team with our clients, co-creating and sharing knowledge to give them the autonomy of effective and sustainable results once our intervention is complete.

With a comprehensive approach from analysis to diagnosis to implementation of the action plan, we follow our three pillars: strategy, organization and people.

  • Advice to General Management and HR Management
  • Accompanying the Steering Committee
  • Change Management
  • Definition of Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values
  • Business Transformation
  • Creation of High Performance Teams at the Management Level
  • Leadership Model
  • Organizational Diagnostics
  • New Organizational Models
  • Assessment and definition of positions (DPT’s)
  • Remuneration Policy
  • Equality Plan and Remuneration Audit
  • Strategic People Plan (Strategic People Plan AQ)
  • Talent Management: implementation of processes and systems, Performance Management, Succession’s Plans, Talent Review
  • Identification and Management of High Potential Talent
  • Leader Development Programme
  • Coaching / Mentoring Programmes
  • Individual Outplacement Programme Next Step
maribel adqualis
maribel adqualis

We help you design and implement a strategy tailor-made for your company.

Contact our expert consultants,
and together we will craft a custom strategy for your company.

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