We design, implement and maintain the most efficient ERP solutions to optimize and manage HR for organizations in any sector and of any size.

Consultation, development and integration

Consultation, development and integration

Integrho está implementado en multitud de compañías de diferentes sectores. Trabaja con concepto de versión única, adaptándose siempre al entorno concreto mediante la experiencia adquirida en instalaciones complejas.
Nuestras soluciones son óptimas para la gestión de organizaciones de entre 100 y más de 10.000 trabajadores.

Consultation, development and integration

Characteristics of Integrho


Designed to help users complete any task regardless of its complexity, always ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

Zero Maintenance

Providing high autonomy in operations and updating. Avoid costly IT maintenance and the need to hire technical personnel.


Integrho is a versatile software that manages volumes of data for companies of different sizes, from 100 to more than 10,000 employees.


Works on any operating system and database, including SaaS Cloud and on-premise licenses. Save on technological infrastructure and training.



We work with a network of top companies offering various services around Integrho: development, outsourcing, BPO, integration, etc. That’s how we ensure that Integrho is always successful.

Performance from minute one

Integrho is operative as soon as it’s installed, providing a fast, excellent and easily quantified ROI (Return on Investment), allowing for a full deployment of each module depending on your needs.

A multidisciplinary
and efficient

Organization chart
Since 1995, we’ve been a multidisciplinary team offering fast and efficient solutions for all the day to day challenges our clients face, improving people management procedures with a quick return on investment for our clients.
Multi-disciplinar team
Organization chart

from the core
to management

Integral management
itg/ CORE
The heart of Integrho

The foundation of our solutions: a technology designed and developed for the robust and efficient application of modules.

Precision in salary management

Manage and resolve, through an advanced system, all payroll processes and administration of personnel in any type of organization, from 100 to 10,000 employees.

Budget management

Define and calculate personnel budgets, both economic and hourly, with detailed control at any level for monitoring and minimizing unexpected results.

itg/ HRM
Talent management

Simple and agile management of the entire information inventory related to employees and their training, selection, competencies, evaluations and performance appraisals.

itg/ TIME
Efficient time control

Manage the time of people in your organization in the most efficient way for better optimization and task assignment.

itg/ HRP
Planning and optimization

Plan and assign the most optimal human resources to each need, making it possible to obtain immediate benefits.

itg/ EIS
Ease of information and management

Offer your employees, managers and candidates controlled access to information within friendly and simple platforms like web browsers, providing a global benefit to the entire organization.

Access from anywhere

Access information and carry out processes anywhere, anytime from a smartphone device for truly efficient management of different collaborators and departments.

itg/ E4BI
Share information

Export the data presented by Integrho to external databases while maintaining business logics to avoid discrepancies.

itg/ WS
Real-time integration

Get bidirectional access to all Integrho services from external systems in a secure collaborative environment using standard technologies.

Success cases

Porcelanosa success case

Corporate HR solution for the entire business group.


Simplifying management of multiple agreements.


In 1995, the Pronovias group placed its trust in Integrho.

Bon Preu
Bon Preu

Over €60,000/year of savings through HR digitalization with Integrho.

Demo Integrho mobile
Demo Integrho mobile
AdQualis Integrho

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