Articles 10 March 2022

Why don’t you change your job?

This is the eternal question that Piergiorgio M. Sandri asks in the “La Vanguardia” weekend supplement. The journalist delves into the article in the best possible way to face a doubt that some people have during their careers: “What if this is not for me?”

Several professionals from the HR and headhunting fields consider how to turn our professional careers around. Among them, the journalist spoke to Consuelo Castilla, Partner and Chairwoman of AdQualis: “My advice is to get information, be well informed. Look for someone who can advise you on how to analyse what is missing from your career. Be realistic in what you are looking for because you are not going to be able to give what you cannot give. Don’t be downhearted; be strong enough to go the last mile.”

You can read the article here

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